DIG Groups

Delighting in God (DIG) groups begin on Sunday, September 9 at 9:00 am. The following groups will be available this fall:

Samplings from The Psalms – Dr. Wayne Anderson

Room 29

We will study selected Psalms. The selected Psalm will also be linked to other Old and New Testament events including those involving Job, Uzzah, David, Jesus and the Prodigal Son. Topics will include: gratitude, anger, anxiousness, contentment, feeling God’s presence, blessings from God, depression which leads to worship, regret which leads to worship.


Abundant Grace: Help for Tough Times—Ladies’ Class – Mrs. Deborah Reinhardt

Room 28

This class will cover Paul's second letter to Corinth, emphasizing his presentation of God's grace for believers today. The study encourages believers to embrace God's grace as their help in tough times. Learners will understand that God's grace is abundantly sufficient for all that God calls them to do. Even if God calls them to suffer for His sake, they will find His grace sustains them.


Theology 101 – Dr. Orlando Buria

Room 27

Every Christian ought to have a firm grasp of fundamental Bible doctrines.  Each fall, for the next three or four years, we plan to offer a DIG class that will address different categories of doctrine.  This fall, we will study Bibliology, Theology, and Christology.  As we look at Bibliology, such topics as the nature of revelation along with the inerrancy, canonicity, preservation, interpretation, and the application of Scripture will be considered. During our study of Theology Proper, we will look at topics such as the existence, nature, and attributes of God.  Finally, as we pursue what the Bible says about Christology, we will study the nature, deity, humanity, offices, life, and work of Christ.  Detailed handouts will be given, and some Bible memory work will be encouraged.  Be prepared to be challenged and encouraged as we study the great doctrines of the Bible!


Who Am I? – Teen Class – Mr. Randall Flack

Room 26

People today, not just teens, struggle with thinking properly about who they are. Many competing voices and ideas improperly color our understanding of who we are. This fall, we’ll be using Jerry Bridges’ book to gain a better understanding of our true identity in Christ.