Longview Camp Men's Retreat

This year's annual Men's Retreat at Longview Camp will be held on September 14-15. Be sure to join the men and boys for a refreshing couple of days!

Dates: September 14 - 15, 2018

Cost:  $60

Speaker: Jon Bladine

Registration is from 5-6 pm on Friday, September 14. Our retreat finishes up at 3:30 pm Saturday, September 15, 2018.

This year our theme is Courage.

Have you ever struggled to have the courage to do or say the right thing in a given situation?

More than ever, as men, we need to have the courage to take a stand for what is right, to lead our families, to be involved in our churches and communities. God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind! With God’s help, we can be courageous and make a difference in this world.

Join us at Longview for a weekend of fun, fellowship, great food, and focus on the Word!

Registration: Longview can house 30 men, and it will be a first come, first served basis to stay in our cabins. We will be having our Steak Meal for Friday Supper which begins at 6 pm. 

What to bring: clothes, toiletries, bedding (mattresses are twin XL), Bible and notebook.