Winter DIG Groups 2019

Our new winter DIG groups will begin Sunday, January 6 at 10:45 am. The groups available are below:

Right Thinking in a World Gone Wrong

Taught by Pastor Josh Sexton (Room 29)

One of the greatest challenges Christians face today is the powerful influence of secular thinking. It makes it difficult for us to know where to stand on today’s most talked about issues. The Ten Commandments give instruction that can help us through the struggles of today. It’s amazing how these simple commands can help us understand truth for our generation! 

Cults & Sects

Taught by Dr. Tittiris (Rm. 22)

How can you sort truth from error?  Today, many cults and religious sects claim to have the truth, but does what they teach hold up to the gauge of truth--God's Word?  Join us to learn how to successfully use the gauge of truth!

Trusting God When Life Is Hard: A Fresh Look at the Life of Jacob (Ladies’ Class)

Taught by Mrs. Deborah Reinhardt (Room 28)

Most of us picture Jacob as a sneaky, dishonest thief.  However, it is interesting that God Himself never condemned Jacob, but instead spoke words of promise and blessing and named a nation after him.  As we look through the Genesis account of Jacob's life, we will focus on God's perspective of Jacob as well as truths about trust, obedience, and love for others.  

Who Am I?

Taught by Mr. Randall Flack (Rm. 26)

People today, not just teens, struggle with thinking properly about who they are.  Many competing voices and ideas improperly color our understanding of who we are.  This winter, we’ll continue using Jerry Bridges’ book to gain a better understanding of our true identity in Christ.       

(teen class—continued from the fall)